Know your location without GPS (Geolocation)

I was fascinated by the Google I/O day one session specially the HTML5 capabilities and Geolocation feature in the latest browsers.

Last weekend I thought of combining the this feature with The Google Geocoding API. In fact I used the  Reverse Geocoding (Address Lookup) to determine the approximate Address of your current location from the Latitude and longitude information gathered by the Geolocation feature .

Note this works only in the latest Firefox (v 3.5 and above) and the latest Google Chrome , Safari and Opera Browser.Internet Explorer yet to implement this.

The below link works well in India as long as you are in an urban place (Metros and important cities).


You have to click on “share Location”  in firefox or “Accept” in Chrome at the top of the page , before it sends your location information to server.


Used xls to transform the xml returned (with Ajax) by the Google Geocoding API and show as HTML content.

Test the above link and let me know (via comment ) how accurate it gives for your place.(at least it points to my building).

Free Public Oracle Application Demo Instance [E-Business Suite]

Hosting Oracle Application Instance is very costly and the license itself is very costly and it needs a lot of hardware resource for the middle tier and underlying Database.

Fortunately the following are available


This screenshot is taken from the 12.1.1 environment

1. provides Oracle 11i 10.2 Vision Demo and one can login with MFG/welcome.

2. provides

11.5.9 11.5.10 R12 12.1.1

Release 11.5.9 (a159vis2)
( Installation from Media Pack/ No ATG RUPs applied. No additional Consolidated Updates or Family Pack patches applied)
Output listing from for 11.5.9 from 3/27/06



Release (a510vis5)
( Installation from Media Pack/ ATG RUP#3 applied. Family Pack applied current except for HR and BIS)
Output listing from for from 10/15/2006



Release 12.0.6 Vision (vis1200)
(12.0.6 RUP6 applied to 12.0.0 Installation Media Pack.)
Output listing from on 1/24/09



Release 12.1.1 Vision (vis1211)
(12.1.1 fresh install from 12.1.1 Installation Media Pack.)
Output listing from on 8/19/09


username : operations

Password : welcome

Release 11.5.10 (a510vis1)
( Installation from Media Pack/ No ATG RUPs applied. No additional Consolidated Updates or Family Pack patches applied)
Output listing from for from 3/27/06





Please write comment if you have trouble accessing the above environments .

Compute from the address bar

Many times my colleagues asked me how do I quickly open up a bug details in the browser  just by typing  a letter and the number and hit enter.It saves a lot of time as we skip one step always.The step might be either opening up the home page containing the form field or changing the search engine add on (accessible via Ctrl  +K ) .I added a Firefox bookmark keyword  today to open up WolframAlpha and give typed string as input automatically and compute on it. Here is the screenshot of the Bookmark from the Bookmark Library of the Mozilla Firefox.



Now after saving this bookmark when I type  (in the blank address bar ) “w <space> (23-5)/6” or any other expression computable in Wolfram|Alpha and Hit Enter, it opens up the results page having the input as (23-5)/6 automatically.


Alternatively following tools can be used for quick search and computation.

How the Universe Works

A new science show premiered on The Discovery Channel last week called “How The Universe Works”.I made a YouTube playlist of the episodes.

However for HD videos I the videos were not embeddable, can be viewed in YouTube itself.

I am Still waiting for YouTube videos for the 2nd episode on Black Holes.I missed it on TV :(

Meanwhile I also came across the Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking DVD

Courtesy Bad Astronomer