• Shashank

    Good work there. Another reason to keep following your posts! ;)

  • Sreekanth

    Nice Article… Worth reading

  • Arun Jain

    I think it actually points to the locations of the ISP. I tried in Hyd office for which it showed me the map location of Bengaluru.

  • admin

    Your wifi might be disabled.You don’t have to hook up to any network just keep it enabled.

    you would find the location to be Oracle Campus .

    The traditional way of finding location via ISP comes into picture when you have WI-FI disabled.

    So it shows Bangalore probably.

  • ashish

    I am accessing it from Mantri Office location, BTM Bangalore. It is showing M.G. Road Banglore.

  • admin

    ashish, I think wi-fi is disabled in your laptop , hence its trying to show the location of your internet provider via IP address .