• poonam

    i am sure your friend would have been highly grateful of your gesture

  • http://www.ghac.co Suresh

    GHAC did a meetup at the Japal Rangapur observatory a few months ago. http://meetup.ghac.in/events/22877681/

    I had done a story in September 2006 on the same place when I was with The Times of India. (you can see me standing next to the dome in the meetup)


    • Neil

      Thanks for sharing this detail suresh. I wish we do it again in near future . Do you have any contact of JRO ?

  • http://kunal.wordpress.com/ Kunal

    How far was this place from where we trekked in January?

    And if you are up for it, we can plan a trek at the same place – since you were not able to complete the trek and since I was not a part of this trek :) – sometime over next weekends.

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