Monday, May 28, 2012

Firefox Flicks Hyderabad 2012

Attended firefox flicks on 26th May celebration along with my colleagues from IEEE . It was a video contest about Mozilla Firefox organized by Mozilla HQ. There was winner from the city as well.

An Amgonna plan again helped gathering geeks who where interested. Below is the well deserved winning video from Korea.

Here is the direct link to the webm video. Which is probably the future format of all videos in web. Rest of the videos can be found here. Thanks to Vineel and his team who invited us and organized this event successfully.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Official Java User Group Hyderabad - Kickoff Meeting

Last year since the day I observed that there is no Java User Group in Hyderabad in the JUG Map , I have been waiting for this moment. This year's JavaOne India was the best time to take it up to the local Java community and get started. Stephen Chin announced that user group and Ravi Buddharaju agreed to take the lead.During JUG leader's meet and GlassFish Party  Arun Gupta had motivated the attendees to start and actively participate Java user Groups in India as the number of existing groups is too less given the fact that India is second largest population on earth and largest software exporter. Here are some guidelines for starting JUG, I hope other cities of India take advantage of this opportunity and get involved.

Chennai and Pune JUGs has been one of the most active in India and setting example for other JUGs. Nagpur JUG is also not far behind with many events on their plate.

The kick off meeting happened yesterday at SWAN Environmental Pvt. Ltd near the Hi-Tech city area in Hyderabad. We had a challenge finding a venue for this very first meeting but thanks to my network in IEEE Hyderabad, Dr. Atul Negi introduced us to Vijay Kumar who was kind enough to let us use their training room for the meeting along with complimentary snacks and tea. The projector facility was one of the best I had ever seen. It has a touch screen smart board with stylus and  a layer of various drawing and annotation tools over it.

Not all the people who RSVP'ed yes joined but those who turned up were really enthusiastic about Java technology and ranged from freshers to 14 years of Java experience. Sorry for marking "No Shows" , one must mark RSVP to "No" if they change their mind unless there is any really good reason after RSVP closes. People who turned up were from very diverse areas , in fact I came to know many Java related new key words yesterday. After a introduction of everybody and their respective interest and experiences in particular technology areas in Java, Ravi briefed about mission of the user group and what it takes to be a member of the group. He also explained ground rules like ethics during events to all the attendees which I think was very important part because discipline is key to success in such kind of community based groups.

Finally the meeting was wrapped up with some survey polls about the Java technology areas what attendees are interested about. Ravi gathered all the feedback and for later analysis and similar poll will also come in the meetup site.

Going forward we will have events in various trending topics in Java Technology. We are looking for the following support to make it happen successfully

  1. Speakers - Tough we have bunch of experienced speakers in the group, we are always looking out for more. If you can speak on some topic or know anybody who is good at delivering talks in events or conducting workshops. Let me know in via email given at the bottom of the post.

  2. Sponsor - If your company or any company you know is willing to sponsor JUG Hyderabad and get your brand more popular among java community, you are most welcome. Moreover java user group is one of the best place for talent hunting :)

  3. Venue - This time we got a venue even tough the company's profile did not have any connection with Java community. However let us know if your company  or any other organization can provide venue for our meetings and events. This can again brand your company among the community and employees will get benefited directly.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Astronomy Quiz # 1

Astronomy Quiz 1One of my colleague and good friend Manohar Burra created these nice set of quiz questions for our local Astronomy club. He is also an Software Engineer, Quiz Master and an Amateur Astronomer. I thought of sharing everybody and check their knowledge. Let us know in comments how many you could answer (of course without any help, especially web search, c'mon be honest with yourself ;) ). There is no prizes for correct answers but I think this is one of the ways you refresh your Astronomy knowledge. I know some of the questions are really easy but I am sure its very tough to answer all 25 questions without any help. I think you can solve at least 10 even if you are not into Astronomy.

If the font is small you can download the PDF by clicking the download button at the bottom or go directly to the full screen mode

If you like the questions or any other feedback, don't hesitate to comment right below this post or tweet @ManoharBurra. He will more than happy to hear any kind of criticism.  If you like please send the your answers to him in the given email at the end of the questions and I promise he will acknowledge it and thank you. Reach out to him if you have any question regarding Astronomy , especially theoretical ones.

PS: The hoax about me being giving away one of my telescope if somebody answers more than 20 is really a hoax ! ( promoted by the author )

Sunday, May 6, 2012

JavaOne and Oracle Develope 2012 Hyderabad

Like last year, JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2012 was organized and HICC on 3rd and 4th May 2012.The last time I attended such session was Tech Days when Oracle had just acquired Sun Miscrosystems. It was a two day program. This time the event was even larger. In fact all of the floors of HICC was full of sessions and hand on labs. There were even sessions in the 2nd floor and halls inside Novotel.

Day 1

Day one started with Keynote from Nokia's  Gerad Rego after Naveen Asrani, Director of Product Management, Oracle kicked off the event. There was a big round of applause for Santosh Ostwal who spoke about his innovation on mobile controlled water pumps even with low cost Nokia phones. It was an remarkable achievement given the fact that be belonged to a poor farmer's family in a remote village.

Nandini Ramani presented the keynote for client technologies. Angela Caicedo talked about the scene builder for JavaFx and demonstrated the gesture controlled  duke. Anil Gaur spoke about the project Avatar which involved HTML5 as well. Dalibor Topic presented the project coin features in JDK7. David Holmes from presented the fork/join parallelism framework who later on gave a session on Project Lambda as well. Simon Ritter presented the keynote on JavaFx.The most interesting part was the demonstration of JavaFX on Raspberry Pi  Marcus Hirt  originally involved in creation of  JRockit virtual machine when they were students in their start up company Appeal Virtual Machines. It was very inspiring meeting him. He talked about HotRockit virtual machine which is coming up from Oracle.

In the evening the OTN night was quite entertaining with performances from standup comedian Vipul Goyal, Singer Vasundhara Das and top Indian Idol singer Meiyang Chang.

After OTN night I also attended the JUG (Java User Groups ) leaders party where it was fun meeting JUG leaders worldwide. I met JUG Chennai leader RajMahendra , JUG Brazil Leders Yara M H Senger and Vinicius , JUG Pune leader Harshad Oak. Nagpur JUG leader Tushar Joshi was also present in the event. JUG Hyderabad was launched with help of JavaFx Guru Stephen Chin. Met many more JUG leaders  world wide. It was great to know how big London JUG was and in fact JDK 7 was launched with help of them last year.

Day 2

Day 2 began with panel discussion session with Arun Gupta, and other JavaFx experts. David Peake delivered the Oracle Develop keynote and stressed on Oracle Public Cloud. Next was probably the most interesting session of the event. Stephen Chin and Kevin Nelson discussed why HTML5 and JavaFx are not alternatives, they can be married together for low effort , rich web application leveraging the capabilities of both the technology. . More can be found at Steve's blog.

This was followed by yet another interesting session on JavaScript on JDK by Sundarajan. He talked about Nashorn. Jay Suri's session on "Java Beyond IDE" focused on the production time challenges in Java and  performance monitoring  with Flight Recorder. The final session I attended was by product  manager Dalibor Topic who explained the Java Community process and motivated to people to join.

Finally it was time for Glassfish and Friends party where all the Java experts from Oracle were present along with the local Java enthusiastic people. Arun Gupta motivated people to join the local JUG and contribute. It was pleasure meeting Marcus Hirt again and we discussed about various source control options while working on a Java project. During discussion Chuck Munn Lee said "I was tired yesterday and did some coding to refresh myself" this was one if the most motivational lines I ever heard. He is a master of client side technology. We also discussed about Ajax/Comet push technology and related server side framework.

Here are some pictures from my camera and if you do not want to get bored with the slide show here is the Video slideshow.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blog moved to paid hosting

My free hosting service just went down yesterday and  I am sorry of you encountered 404 error while visiting my blog. I decided to move to's linux hosting service. It has been quite reliable since I have bought the domain name around four years back.

Go Daddy - The Worlds #1 Domain Registrar!

I am quite excited to use its SSH feature and web programming in other language like python and perl. However I still have a DNS cache problem with my ISP and not able to open my own blog without a VPN service. The cached  DNS still points to the old website (Which is eventually up but I don't care any more ).