Computer Programming is how I earn my bread. It is my hobby too. Probably I knew this when I saw the first computer.Web technologies are my all time favorite. My work is related to  developing the leading ERP systems and Service oriented Architecture. Over the years  I have gained expertise on Java , J2EE , XML Oracle and PL/SQL technologies. I am also currently focused on Mobile computing , Cloud Computing areas.

Technology is the toy I play the most with.I can’t imagine what would I have done if I were in a different profession.I am lucky to be alive in the years where it created the most impact full  revelation , probably of all time.

Astronomy has been the most interesting part of science for me. From star gazing to understanding the cosmos each and every activity related to astronomy excited me the most.
Educating people about science and astronomy is my long term goal which is the least think I an give back to community,

I am a outdoor sports lover. I have been playing Cricket and Soccer since the day I could stand and following international sports from the day I understand the rules.
I also love to capture moments in videos.

IEEE is the way I have chosen for giving back to the community where you get to network with other talented engineers and share your valuable experience with upcoming juniors. I am contributing as Chair of GOLD AG of IEEE Hyderabad section for the year 2012.

This following video from Carl Sagan sums up everything I feel about the universe.

Everything else : http://flavors.me/neilghosh