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Best Online PDF Editor []

Again you don’t want buy license for Adobe acrobat PDF creator/editor and don’t want the free alternative software to add their watermark after editing your document.
I found several online free services  but most of them were just capable of re-arranging pages and drawing shapes on the white area.


I consider is the best among all available free services which give more flexibility while editing PDF online.

Other sire offering Free PDF editing online are

PDF Hammer

PDF textonline i

PDF Escape. (Only Creation )

Best online Photo Editor

Yet another example of “Browser does it all” principle.How many times you have been in a situation when you are not using your own computer or you don’t have the necessary photo editing tool installed. sometime we struggle so much just for cropping and resizing an image quickly.I found few online image editing tool doing as good as  any free photo editing software available for download.
I found Avilary the best among all with so many features and user doesn’t need to go through the account creation process.It also takes direct image URLs without requiring upload from local disk.

You can also try other free services like

Sumo Paint

Web based dictionary with wild card search

Have you ever wondered whay if you know a few of the letters of the word and dont know the exact spelling ? WordWaldo lets you  search for words by starting, ending or in-between characters.The wildcard feature supports * for 0 or more letters, and – for a single letter. For example, h-ll matches hull or hell, while *meter matches all words that end with “meter” including the word metre itself.

Trace India Mobile Number

Here Goes the partial solution.
Next time you receive a call from an unknown mobile number.
Try the number over here.You will get an idea about the cellular region to which the number belong to
along with this
DONT Prefix any +91 or “0″ Just give the 10 digit mobile number .

Enter 10 digit mobile Number:

Press Ctrl + ‘D’ to bookmark this page

Important Note: Sharing the precise name and address details of mobile number is crime in India. It is against the privacy law. Land lines are more associated to houses or organizations, where as Mobile is very personal. The purpose of this tool is to give you some directions of location of mobile, so that if you call the person, you know how you’ll be billed. Or you could recall the person by knowing the state and operator

Google Phone Search – Voice Search for Hyderabad, India

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This Is just for Hyderabad as of now !!!

Google Phone Search is a new pilot service making local business information, movie times and real time flight status accessible from any phone.
Google Phone Search gives you the power of Google Search while you are on the go. This service is completely free of charge (including the call to the service and the connected call to the business), bringing you the information you need, right when you need it the most. It is currently launched in Hyderabad, and can be reached from any Hyderabad phone number – landline or mobile.

Dial from any phone


(toll free)

Once you find the information you’re looking for, you can:

  • Get the information sent to you for free via SMS
  • Have the information read to you
  • Have your call connected, for free, with the business or movie theater

Musicovery is an interactive and customised webradio. Listeners can intuitively find music matching their mood. The more they listen and rate songs, the more radio programmes get personalized. Reviewers have commented that unlike services that are governed by the user’s choice of artist or genre, this method results in more discovery of artists to which the user might not otherwise have been exposed;Musicovery provides dance mix — with the ability to specify the desired dance tempo and similar artist features, as well as the option of a low fidelity free service or a premium service with better sound. Users have the option to limit the selection to a specific year or range of years, as well as to deselect any genre, and genres are color-keyed to the graphic interface.

The webradio service is accessible on mobile phone (on 3G/Symbian Nokia Devices).

Music files provided by the service are streamed, not downloaded, and the listener can buy all the songs played or tagged as favorite from major online music retailers iTunes, Amazon, and eBay.