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Play music remotely from phone using Windows 7

I was searching for a Bluetooth transmitter which can transmit the music played in my cellphone to the speaker which mounted on my wall, so that I could control what is being played from my phone without using a very long aux cable. I had earlier posted about this but today I found it really useful to play and control music while lying down on bed. After pairing the phone you just have to click on the following setting in window to transmit music from phone to the speaker via the laptop. I could tune to any internet radio station , play any music on my phone and also take calls in the phone and everybody in the house could hear it.


Play audio and receive phone calls from Windows 7 using Bluetooth

I have been lately trying to operate my phone remotely from my PC when I am at home or work because I don’t feel I really need to use my mobile phone when I am already in front of a full fledged computer. Also sometime I keep my phone somewhere in house and miss many calls because of not hearing the ring or not able to reach in time before the ringing stops.

I found a way in Windows 7 to play audio and receive phone calls from Windows 7 using Bluetooth. I use rooted Samsung Galaxy ACE running on Android 2.3.

  1. Pair your phone with PC
  2. Go to Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsDevices and Printers in the PC
    Control Panel
  3. Double click and open the Bluetooth Control

    Bluetooth Control

  4. Click connect button for using the computer speaker to during phone calls and play music from PC using mobile phone’s audio player

    Audio Player

  5. You will notice a small media player control at the right bottom of the screen where you can play/pause/change songs which is being played in the phone.

Note that I have not found a way to choose to pick up calls from PC, it automatically picks up after few rings. May be I have to play around the settings more. Anyway this helps improving the phone signal strength of my phone because we don’t have to attach the phone to our ear.

Revival of Rabindra Sangeet

Ever since childhood I have been of Rabindra Sangeet. Recently I came across couple of Bangla movie songs based on vary famous songs written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. One can say it is kind of revival of traditional Rabindra Sangeet. Both are sang by famous Bengali singer Somlata


Also not to forget the famous video Where the Hell is Matt? 2008, in which the music was given by Garry Schyman based on lyrics of Rabindra Sangeet.


Musicovery is an interactive and customised webradio. Listeners can intuitively find music matching their mood. The more they listen and rate songs, the more radio programmes get personalized. Reviewers have commented that unlike services that are governed by the user’s choice of artist or genre, this method results in more discovery of artists to which the user might not otherwise have been exposed;Musicovery provides dance mix — with the ability to specify the desired dance tempo and similar artist features, as well as the option of a low fidelity free service or a premium service with better sound. Users have the option to limit the selection to a specific year or range of years, as well as to deselect any genre, and genres are color-keyed to the graphic interface.

The webradio service is accessible on mobile phone (on 3G/Symbian Nokia Devices).

Music files provided by the service are streamed, not downloaded, and the listener can buy all the songs played or tagged as favorite from major online music retailers iTunes, Amazon, and eBay.