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Online Planetariums and Sky Charts

When its a cloudy night and wrong season to see your favorite star , you might want to quickly look at a computer software’s which emulates the sky. The 1st software I had seen back in my college days was CyberSky. Since then it has added so many futures that I can not even imagine. Since then I had never checked this because I got some alternative open source software like  Open Universe and Celestia. Both were pretty good but were little but heavy  because of their focus on 3D simulation of all the celestial objects.

Later when my interest switched from fun watching planetary animations to serious stargazing and watching clusters and comets I picked up software specialist in in sky-watching like  stellarium and Cartes-du-Ceil.

However there are few websites  which delivers interactive sky maps right in your browser.

1. worldwidetelescope [Needs Microsoft Silverlight ]

2. Google Sky (Google Earth is better )

3. neave planetarium

4. Sky and Telescope [Java applet]

5. Astro Viewer [Java Applet]

6. sky-map.org [Google Sky like interface]

7.Sky View Cafe [Java applet ]

Free online Website Building Tools


Office Live 

Also one can Create CSS Based Web Templates Online using the following services



Update : http://www.smashingapps.com/2010/01/25/13-easy-and-powerful-website-building-tools-to-create-your-free-site.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SmashingApps+%28Smashing+Apps%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

Best Online PDF Editor [pdfescape.com]

Again you don’t want buy license for Adobe acrobat PDF creator/editor and don’t want the free alternative software to add their watermark after editing your document.
I found several online free services  but most of them were just capable of re-arranging pages and drawing shapes on the white area.


I consider http://www.pdfescape.com/ is the best among all available free services which give more flexibility while editing PDF online.

Other sire offering Free PDF editing online are


PDF Hammer

PDF textonline i

PDF Escape.

Acrobat.com (Only Creation )

Best online Photo Editor

Yet another example of “Browser does it all” principle.How many times you have been in a situation when you are not using your own computer or you don’t have the necessary photo editing tool installed. sometime we struggle so much just for cropping and resizing an image quickly.I found few online image editing tool doing as good as  any free photo editing software available for download.
I found Avilary the best among all with so many features and user doesn’t need to go through the account creation process.It also takes direct image URLs without requiring upload from local disk.



You can also try other free services like

Sumo Paint