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GHAC - Beginners Hike at Kajaguda

Last Sunday I went for the exploration trek near Durgam cheruvu. As it was incomplete for me, I decided to join GHAC again for another beginners' trek near Khajauda. This time a lot more people tuned up and there was hardly anybody common with the previous trek. This was first time I was going for a trek on a week day when I had to join office afterwards. It was a great experience to meet new people and climb small rocks. Unfortunately I did not try to do the chimney climbing like many others but I did some practice in a smaller chimney (climbing through the gap between vertical rocks).

Finally after climbing many rocks ,enjoying breeze and the view of Hi-Tech city from the top we returned back .Here is the trail of returning patch , all the way till my house (as I forgot to stop recording the track)

Durgam Cheruvu trek with GHAC

While looking for an astronomy meetup group around Hyderabad I had come across GHAC (Great Hyderabad Adventure Club ), which was also highly recommended by friend Kunal. I discovered there is no astronomy group yet so wanted to create one. However I did not go ahead as I became skeptical about how many people would be interested and it was a paid service. Last week when I came across the newsletter of GHAC meetup group, I saw there was a trek being organized by them at a very familiar and near by place of mine.It was Durgam Cheruvu : A Head To Tail Exploration Hike . I had already been to the IT park  side of the lake where there are boating facilities and lake side benches ( I has seen some people sitting their with their iPods and Kindle/Tablet). Hence was very excited about the rocky side.

As per schedule we started at 6.30 PM from the meeting spot after introduction and warm up. 23 out of 31 RSVP turned up. Most of the guys seemed to be working in Delloite Consulting. We had Vamsi

Oracle Global Volunteers Day 2011

Last year we had a great time spent with  home For The Aged & Orpahn kids - OM SAI SEVASHRAM  as part of Oracle Global volunteers days 2010. This year also on September 19, 2011 we organized a trip to Botanical Garden.

After few few morning activities in the garden , we moved to the ashram itself for lunch and rest of the indoor activities. We distributed most of the stuff they had it in the wishlist and finally closed the event with National Anthem.

Google DevFest 2011 Hyderabad

Finally got some time to write a post after long time. Lately life was not that eventful  anyway. Today I got a chance to participate in Google Dev fest here in Hyderabad at HICC. So i thought of documenting the notes I had taken during the sessions for future reference.

It started with the keynote by Rajdeep Dua about the Android 3.x Platform Overview and  Boris Smus about new features of HTML5. Rajdeep introduced fragments in Android platform which are used as independent component under the Activity and created/destroyed at the runtime. Also introduced about the compatibility library for Android 2.x so that we don't have to maintain two code line separate for tablet and the phone. For layout rendering in phone and tablet its a good idea to specify screen size in the manifest file. Boris introduced the following new features in HTML5

Pausing video automatically when user switches the tab so that it does not keep playing in the background.
Pre-render the Hyperlinks where there are h…