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Google Drive : Rumour Turns True

Today Google Launched Google Drive ! They also increased the Gmail quota to 10GB from the existing 7.5 GB. Now I will no more struggle with labnol's tip to find the large emails and delete/forward them to save Gmail space.

Google Drive is giving 5GB initially and more space can be bought. I am still a Dropbox fan and will continue to use it. In fact Google docs is gone for me now. All my existing documents are under Google Drive and interface is same as Google Docs. May be the only difference is it has a desktop client which will have all the documents synced with Google Drive cloud automatically like Dropbox.

You can start using Google Drive now at

Let me know the feedback.

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Update : 24-04-2012

Oh. Yes, I forgot to mention about Microsoft Like Sky Drive. They have been offering whopping 25GB. However they are going to limit it to 7GB apparently. But if you have an old …

Stargazing session with Amgonna and friends

Me and my friends at work have been stargazing session since the beginning of the winter. However it never materialized. Sometimes full moon dominance, sometimes volunteer activities at work, every now and then there was some reason for unavailability of common free time. To be honest, push from my side was also less because of personal/family functions and shifting house etc. Suddenly we realized it's April and with clouds prevailing every now and then probably the last chance of these season for stargazing.

Conditions : We knew we missed the best conditions to view sky in the winter in December/January and opposition of mars on 5th April but it was still not too late. However opposition of Saturn was just few days back on 17th April and was one of the best time to see it. Weather was unpredictable but we had our eyes at sky and forecast report every hour and finally there was some encouraging sign on the session day. It was almost 80% clear sky when we started.

People : We already…

IEEE GOLD STEP Event at Warangal on 7th April 2012

GOLD (Graduates Of Last Decade ) Affinity Group of IEEE Hyderabad Section Organized STEP ( Student Transition and Elevation Program ) event on 7th April 2012 at Warangal, Hyderabad. We started from Hyderabad around 9 AM  with our speaker in this event Arun. It took almost three and half hours via national highway 202. Most of the road was newly constructed and pretty smooth. I already had a trip last month I had a chance to visit NIT Warangal this time which reminded my UG college VSSUT which also has huge area, lots of departments including the traditional engineering branches. I  also and meet few very active IEEE volunteers. Session started at a local Hotel Landmark where graduating students from near by colleges were waiting. After a short introduction to IEEE GOLD , I handed over to Arun for his session titles "Entrepreneurship as a career path ". It was a very  useful for upcoming engineers. His slides can be found in the GitHub repository.

Slide Credit Pr…

Syncronize your web accounts with IFTTT

I just came across this wonderful service provided by the website . I always wanted to synchronize photos , links posted in various web accounts I have automatically. This website called "If This Then That" works pretty much like a cron job you define in Linux machines.

For example I share interesting links in Facebook and Twitter but forget to bookmark them for my future reference. Later I struggle a lot to dig down the link in my Facebook/Twitter steam history. I wish I would have bookmarked those links in my Diigo account.   Using this portal I can create a task which will be triggered whenever I post a link in Twitter or Facebook it gets saved in the social bookmarking site Diigo with appropriate tag , so that it can be searched easily later on.

Another example is that whenever I post photos in Facebook I wanted them to get backed up in my Dropbox account also this again helps retrieving Facebook photos for  printing later. Usually the best photos of mine …

Current Running Status Of Train In Indian Railways : Official Source

Now there is a official way of knowing the current status of train in Indian railway. Three years back I had posted about the a third party site which gives you the best possible location of a running train. The IT department of Indian Railways has cleaned up there website and and redesigned in the new version.

You can get access to the beta version of the website at the following URL

Click on "Go to the new look" button to get to the following screen where there is a search with auto suggest box and you can search with the station names after which the train is named. Once you select your train it will show you the latest known position of the train and amount of time it is running late. I doubt you will see any train before time given the track record of Indian Railway.

It will be great to see the position in the map too , but they have done a great job by showing the relative distance covered in a slider.

I always h…

Khichdi and Mix vegetable Curry

When I started my blog I was supposed to be about technology tips and How Tos . However it has taken many direction from there. One of the reason which motivates me writing posts about everything is that it may work as a diary which can remind me thing which I have learned over the years without really having to be dependent on anybody else. The following is one of the very few dishes I know.

Steps to prepare Khichdiand Mix vegetable Curry

Take two clips of rice and one cup of yellow Mung Daal and wash them with water few times.
Keep them in the pressure cooker with four to five cups of water and half spoon of salt.
Wait till two whistles.
For Tadka/Chaunk  take two spoons of Ghee and one spoon of Jeera/Cumin
Fry till the smell of cooked Jeera/Cumin comes and add them to cooked rice and mix.
Chop Tomato , Cauliflower , Onions, Carrot  and Potato mix them with  Frozen Peas, Corn and Chillies
Take a pan and add two/three spoons of oil, one spoon of Jeera/Cumin,  two spoon of Ginger and Garlic p…