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Rooted my Android

After almost one and half  years of buying my second android phone (Samsung Galaxy ACE) I finally decided to root my phone which I always wanted to do. A shell with root access, what else do you want in a Linux based system ? One of the reason which provoked me to do so yesterday itself was that the power button stopped working suddenly. I suspected that it might have got some rain water inside  but later decided to try the factory reset  option once before taking it to service center.  The chances were low because I thought I was trying to solve a hardware problem by just resetting the software.

However it worked ! I don't know why. In this process I lost all my call logs and list of apps installed.I backed up all my SMS in Gmail tough.  I was expecting the Google Play to remember the list but it did not. I remember said that all the apps and WI-FI password etc will be backed up when I signed in with a Google account last time. Moreover lately my GPS seemed to be working with a lo…

Fishing at Ameenpur Lake

After childhood adventures of fishing in the family pond with cousins using home grown sticks and wheat flour paste as bait, this one was first opportunity to do some fun fishing. This was first time in this season as well, so expectation was not much high but was pretty excited about it. Thanks to Hyderabad Adventure and Trekker's Club, for organizing a beginners fishing meetup.

Photo Courtesy : Ravi K  || Fish Courtesy : Monika

Key lessons were

Best place to catch earth worms is at the root of the small plats on a soft soil.
Keep the earth worms alive by putting some wet soil in the plastic you are collecting the worms in and letting some air come inside the packet.
Take thread of length little more than 1.5 times of the length of the stick.
Tie one end of the thread at the narrower end of the stick, preferably near the first joint  to avoid slipping of the thread.
Take the other end of the thread , leave 1 feet and tie one end of the sol stick.
Take the extreme end of the thread (we h…

IEEE STEP at Hyderabad 2012

In April this year we organized the IEEE STEP program at Warangal.on behalf of GOLD (Graduates Of Last Decade ) Affinity group of IEEE Hyderebad section.

Since this program is for the graduating students and most of the engineering  colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh is in the capital city Hyderabad, we wanted to organize the season 2 of the STEP (Students Transition and Elevation Program ) in Hyderabad and make it big. IEEE HQ and the local section has been supporting us enough financially to organize both of them.

The planning started couple of months back with long trailing email chains among the GOLD volunteers and students volunteers. Volunteers like Arif and Raheem came forward to offer their university seminar hall and other facilities in the campus. MJCET (Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology) is situated in the heart of the city and turned out to be the most convenient location for students around the city. Also the seminar hall was very well equipped with a…

Run JavaFx without any prerequisite runtime installation

JavaFx 2.2 recently added the native packaging option during build and can be deployed as executable files  anywhere. This opens up the whole new way how java developer can ship their program to the computers where the latest JRE is not installed.

One of my friend was trying to come up with the Windows GUI program which could run directly from the CD or USB drive in most of the computers. In Indian institutions like schools , the computers are mostly out dated and only has IE 6 browser. HTML5 was not a good idea because it needs the latest browser and it can expose most of  the code and resources on a commercial product. .NET licence was costly considering the small budget project and it was very difficult to find programmers with Delphi and Python (tinka) skills.

Java being so popular language, its very easy to code the GUI quickly, especially in JavaFx. JavaFx have mp3 audio file playing support. Now the big problem was any JavaFx program (jar) needs JavaFx runtime to be installed. Th…

Playing mp3 audio with JavaFx

Java had audio support since ages but there was no direct way play mp3 files in java.

Thanks to JavaFx , you can now directly play mp3 files from your program. In this way you can avoid storing .wave audio files which are huge in size.

In your JavaFx project you need to put the following lines of code

String source = new File("audio.mp3").toURI().toString();
Media media = null;
media = new Media(source);
MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(media);;
Note that this will play audio file from the current working directory. Usually the same directory where the above code file exists or the final executable jar directory. You can confirm the directory using the following code.
System.out.println(new File(".").getCanonicalPath());
There are many other ways to add mp3 capability to Java but I felt using JavaFx is the easiest way specially because of the fact that since …

Video : Astronomy at Pecha Kucha Night Hyderabad Volume 9

Last week I participated at Pecha Kucha Night Volume 9 as a speaker. Finally the video is out. Thanks to Nikhil for some of the photos which made the slides very impressive. Also many thanks to Vishal, Sharath and Karthik and HandsMedia team for wonderful execution and editing of this video.

You can watch the rest of the videos in that event in the Pechca Kucha Hyderabad's YouTube Channel.

Update 12/02/2013:

The presentation has been featured in pechakucha HQ website.

After Life

I don't believe in after life, I think human body is a biological machine which stops functioning after death , that's it.

But there are lives around us who continue.  One of my colleague shared a blog on a real experience how disastrous can life be after an unexpected death of a family member. The author mentions few lessons she learned after loosing her husband and all information with him.

My friend  shared the following an article about claiming money stuck at various investments.

On a lighter note of you are worried about your Facebook status after death, there is an article for you :)

Right to Information Act

Recently I filed my first Right To Information (RTI) application against Election Commission of India and it showed result.

Few years back when I shifted to Hyderabad, applied for registration of my name in electoral roll manually by submitting forms and photographs but it never got listed at Chief Election Officer's website . Every time I gave a call , I got a response that name will be listed next month but it never happened. Even the acknowledgement copy of the application did not have any status tracking number to follow up. Only way was to search by Name and House Number. From my friend's experience I knew that that letters in my name will be defiantly  jumbled up and I will not be able to search even if it comes up in the list

Finally when 3 years passed, I filled up the E-Registration form and submitted my photo and personal details in February 2012. Again the status remained as pending for months. I got no response to the email of Chief Election Officer of local constitu…


The Hyderabad section of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, read I-Triple-E) had their Special Annual General Body Meeting (SAGM) on 8th July 2012 at Family World Club, Hyderabad. As GOLD (Graduates Of Last Decade) Chair I presented the activity summery till now with following slides.

GOLD at IEEE Hyderabad SAGM 2012
View more presentations from Neil Ghosh.

We are looking volunteers, both IEEE members and non-members to be part of our events. Drop me an email if you are interested.

Venus Transit Video

Exactly one month ago I captured this Venus Transit video during the sunrise , when we first witnessed the planet Venus in front of the Sun. There were cloud cover but we got a glimpse.
Make sure you change the quality to 1080p/720p and watch it full screen to spot Venus.

PechaKucha Night Volume 9

I got an invitation to talk in PechaKucha Night Hyderabad volume 9, last week. I spoke about basics of Astronomy and how it evolved as my hobby. I also got to meet a lot of talented and creative people. The video recording is going to be released after sometime. Till then let me share some photos taken by my friends.

Some of the pictures of mine are below and other pictures can be found at the Facebook album and earlier videos can be found in their YouTube channel.

Following are the 20 slides are presented

Astronomy at Pecha Kuch Night Hyderabad Volume 9
View more presentations from Neil Ghosh

Rough transcript of the talk is as follows

This is the sky you can see right now if you look up (given there is no cloud). Several bright stars, Moon, Saturn, Mars etc.As a kid I always wondered of stars are random or has some meaning. Before I could invent I discovered that thousands years ago people have already charted it and imagined different animals and objects by connecting the stars, called c…

Google IO 2012

Like last year Google broadcasted the keynotes of the annual developer event (Google I/O) at their local offices . I came down to their office on 27th and 18th June night despite EURO semifinal matches scheduled right after that.

Most amazing part of the Keynotes were the featured video if Virtual Start Party , which I am regularly part of.It was an awesome idea from Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay , who started recording their podcast from Google hangouts . Later many astronomers joined them in Hangout on Air and used their telescopes to broadcast live images from Sky. Following is the full length video from which some clips were shown in the keynote. I think Virtual Star Party is the best use case of Google Plus  hangout till now.

Following are my notebook pages on both the days

Day 1 (Android)

Offline voice search
Google now
Incremental app update
Free Google cloud messaging for developers
Movie for sale I play
TV shows in Google play
Magazines 14 days free trial
Nexus 7 inch tablet 12 core GPU , …