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Folding Cloths using FlipFold

Remember Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory  folding his T- Shirts perfectly using a plastic cloth folder ?

I got mine :) and tried first on my The Big Bang Theory Tee shirt of mine :) Its a really handy tool and time saver :)

You could buy one in or Amazon.

Guest post about Java Links Of The Week

Last week my colleague was at Devoxx so I volunteered to write a guest post for his blog and

Following are the links

JavaFX links of the week, November 12

Java desktop links of the week, November 19

I would like to thank him for the opportunity.

Jupiter Video

Last year during Leonid Meteor shower we had gone out to a place bit away from the city lights and spotted some of the objects in the sky. This year I stayed back at my home and waited till the dawn to watch some meteors. The numbers were very disappointing because of the city light's but I managed to capture Jupiter up high near the zenith. It was very bright. Following is the video I shot using my 1.3 mp webcam connected to the 90 mm table top telescope.

I could only capture 18 second clip the telescope was alt-Azimuth mounted. Probably next time I would use my 5 inch one with EQ mount using which I can manually track it for longer time tough I don't have motor tracker yet.

I also tried to use Registax for the first time to chop the frames of the video and stack them. After some wavelet adjustment I managed to get the following sharper image.

I could see the great red spot just below the equilateral aria. May be better image processing would lead to sharper image.

I probably ove…

Revival of Rabindra Sangeet

Ever since childhood I have been of Rabindra Sangeet. Recently I came across couple of Bangla movie songs based on vary famous songs written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. One can say it is kind of revival of traditional Rabindra Sangeet. Both are sang by famous Bengali singer Somlata


Also not to forget the famous video Where the Hell is Matt? 2008, in which the music was given by Garry Schyman based on lyrics of Rabindra Sangeet.

Google Devfest 2012 at Hyderabad

Featured post in Google Developer Blog

I got an invitation to speak at Google Devfest 2012 at Hyderabad last Saturday. I was supposed to speak on HTML5. Google is a leading company who promote HTML5 and implement features in Chrome much ahead of time before specifications are freezes.

Photo Credit : Abhinav Saxena.

I created some html slides with the help of slides using impress.js. Advantage of this over conventional powerpoint/open office was that I could embed the demos inline as these slides were also running on HTML5 compatible browser. Though Mozilla Firefox is my personal favorite , I used chrome to display the slides because a. I was going to a Google community event b. APIs like speech recognition works only in chrome.

Some of the demo did not run in chrome when the html page was run locally with file:// protocol in the URL as chrome though this is not a valid domain. For geolocation and webworker demos I had to host the html slides in a local webserver. The simple…

Creating simple HTML5 slide presentation with impress.js

With the recent growth of HTML5 adaption, I have seen many people using HTML slides instead of traditional Power Point/Open Office presentation.

You can download the impress.js and save in the "js" directory.

[sourcecode language="html"]
<html lang="en">
<title>Impress Demo</title>
<div id="impress">
<div class="step slide" id="start">
<p style='width:1000px;font-size:80px;
text-align:center'>Creating Stunning Visualizations</p>
<p>Impress.js </p>

<div class="step slide" id="slide2" data-x="-1200" data-y="0">
<p style='width:1000px;font-size:80px;'>
First Slide Moves From Left To Right</p>

Interactive map of movements of trains running in India.

One more master piece by Rail Radar is a interactive Google Maps based application which shows all the train moments through out the huge Indian railway network. The density of train is so much that at some important junctions one really have to zoom in to see individual train information.

Live running status of Indian Trains in Mobile

Previously I had posted about spotting your train on Google maps using and later from the official source. I was recently traveling and used another mobile website by National Train Enquiry System by Indian Railways. I used the  following mobile site in my Android mobile browser through out the journey and found that it was getting updated very frequently, some times after couple of minutes after leaving a station , which is the least lag I have ever seen in any Indian railway related site. Moreover you don't have to really wait till an official  stoppage comes to know how much late the train is running. It updates the passing by the stations ( even if it is a small one) also which comes very frequent.