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SpringOne India 2012

I attended the Spring One conference in Hyderabad yesterday. There were lots of good speakers like @chanezon , @jeremyg484, @jencompgeek who briefed about the new Paas solution CloudFoundry.

I signed up and could deploy my first app within minutes in clound using their command line tool vmc.

Earlier I had evaluated some other Paas solutions but some of them were either costly  or proprietary so one could not deploy generic war files.
Other PaaS solutions

Google Appengine
Amazon BeanStalk

I am also looking forward to Oracle Java Cloud.

Geminid Meteor Shower 2012

I  did not capture the streaks of shower but this was one of the darkest sky I had ever seen at Pocharam Lake.

Following is the annotated version of the above photo created using

Check out my some more photos taken by Joy which includes one with a meteor streak as well.

Spotted ISS

Few months back I registered at NASA's sport the station website which sends me an email reminder every time ISS (International Space Station) is visible from my city and visible through naked eye. Though I have seen it earlier accidentally, I have always missed the timings send through the reminder. Either I was too lazy to wake up early or late from work in the evening. Yesterday I got the following email reminder.
SpotTheStation! Time: Sun Dec 09 6:21 PM, Visible: 4 min, Max Height: 40 degrees, Appears: W, Disappears: NNE
It was not very dark at this time but it rose from the western as predicted and was bit reddish as compared to the other bright stars visible at that time. It was probably as bright as Venus.

I was not well equipped so just managed to click this quickly moving object at 16X zoom and got the following image. One can notice the wings in it.

Probably next time I will carry a tripod and capture a trail. Even my binocular should be enough to reveal the wings.

Moon through telescope

Last time I posted about the video of Jupiter I took using my telescope and a webcam. On 28th November there was a partial eclipse of the Moon but I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of it because of my geographic location. However because it was a full moon , it was very bright and I manage to capture some videos and tried to chop and stack the frames using registax.

I did some quick and dirty processing to get this image out of the video but I promise, it will get better when I learn more about registax