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Online slate board using HTML5 websocket and glassfish

My last post was about #AdoptAJSR initiative in which JUG Hyderabad is actively involved. Meanwhile I was trying to explore the Websocket API for Java (JSR 356) using glassfish 4 's latest build as reference implementation.

The idea was to use HTML5 websocket API in the front end to communicate with websocket endpoint created in the glassfish server.  To get started with I referred a  similar sample application blogged by Arun Gupta.

In this process I managed to log following bugs against the reference implementation

Session object coming as the parameter in @WebSocketClose annotated method is null
Session#isOpen method returns NoSuchMethodException

To avoid this situation I have put the code "peer.getRemote().sendString("Ping");" in try block so that if it fails , it can gracefully remove that peer instead of ending up in exception.

My app lets you draw freehand lines in the browser and the same gets drawn in real time at every other user's browser who is acces…

Quickly turn your browser into a notepad in one line

So many times while jotting down some text quickly (especially over a during call) we search for windows notepad. We forget that we have a full fledged browser always running which is a great software to do anything. In fact I have composed Gmail drafts and sometimes typed in Google to temporarily note down phone numbers and addresses. I found a trick to turn the browser quickly into a text editor/notepad

Open a new browser tab
Type the following in the address bar and hit Enter

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

You should be able to type in the web page now.. You can also paste text here from your clipboard

data:text/html,<html contenteditable>

To make it easily accessible bookmark it on the bookmark toolbar
Optionally you can save text like a web page from the browser with Ctrl + S key.

Adopt-A-JSR at JUG Hyderabad

Lately there has been a lot of activity in JUG Hyderabad after introduction to #AdoptAJSR initiative. JUG Hyderabad has taken up JSR 338 (Java Persistence 2.1), JSR-107 (JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API), JSR-256 (Java API for websocket ) and there has been significant progress. I am a kind of programmer who jumps into code directly before going through pages of theory. So here are some links for quick reference

Blog post on #AdoptAJSR (Really Concise post by Arun )
Blog post on Websocket in JavaEE7
Blog post on Websocket Sample Application
#AdoptAJSR websocket spec page
Websocket Java Doc
Websocket Spec Early Draft
Websocket RI users mailing list (tyrus)
Websocket RI Issue tracker ( JIRA )

Meanwhile The Java user group in Hyderabad has gone social and following are the links

JUG Hyderabad Mailing list
Meetup (Official Website)
Google Plus Page
Google Plus Community

JUG Hyderabad is looking for passionate people who are passionate about JAVA and want to drive the community forward. Do le…

Learn French by Using Your Smartphone

Last week I posted about the English-2020 project for improving spoken English world wide and I was also playing around my mobile phone. With the mobile version of English-2020 coming in next few months I came across this interesting site for learning french. Below is a partner post about this site and their apps. I always wanted to learn, hope you find it useful.

The French language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are currently more than 129 million people that speak French and 70 million of that are native speakers according to a study made by the European Union. This number is expected to increase up to 500 million in 2025 according to Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and Laval University. Some study French because it is required in school and some learn this language to impress someone. Hearing someone talk in French, especially the likes of Olivier Martinez and Audrey Tatou, is a major turn on for most men and women. There is something s…

Winows 8 and iOS custom rom on Android Phone

Lately even after rooting my phone I got bored with my Android phone's (Samsung Galaxy ACE) UI. Same old Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Yesterday I came across one article on the internet which was talking about custom ROM which can give the windows 8 look and feel to my hardware. Luckily it worked. However for most of the windows tile (eg. Appstore, music, internet etc ) , asked me to assign an android app installed in the phone while being used for the 1st time. The UI response did not slow down much. Most of the feature which were there in my Android OS was there in this ROM also. The music player was not very impressive but the system settings and widgets looked better to me. I noticed that the Bluetooth could be left discoverable forever in this ROM.

If you search in the YouTube, you can fine a lot of videos sharing the procedure how to install this ROM.

I also found an iOS themed ROM and installed it right away in my phone. However when the ROM started it started all in Chinese :) .…

HTML5 talk at Avanti Institue

Last Saturday I was invited to Avanti Institute Of Technology in Hyderabad for a lecture on HTML5. I presented the same slides what I presented in Google DevFest last year. They have a very active IEEE student branch and volunteers. The audience were from second year to fourth year and relatively more knowledgeable than other colleges. However as usual they were shy enough to ask questions in the class but later I was approached individually regarding some questions.

End of Golden Era

Well, not quite. Just that I stepped down as GOLD Chair of Hyderabad section of IEEE this month. I was appointed for 2012 and Prashant KV will lead the GOLD (Graduate of Last Decade) group in 2013. This year is very important in the GOLD perspective because Hyderabad won the bid for R10 GOLD/WIE/Student congress. I hope this year Hyderabad GOLD gets more visibility around the world comes out of the miscellaneous category getting as much importance as any other society gets. Summery of activities can be found the slides presented in the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM).

GOLD AG Report in IEEE Hyderabad AGM 2013 from Neil Ghosh

I will continue to volunteer in the IEEE Hyderabad section as webmaster and technical resource person and of course as past chair of GOLD.
Let me know if you are willing to volunteer in this year. We are looking for really passionate people who want to help advancing technology for humanity with world's largest professional association.

VSSUT Alumni meet in Hyderabad region

On 20th of this month my under grad school UCE Burla (now VSSUT)alumni staying in Hyderabad had an get together. Thanks to Sanjay Jena and his friends who let the initiative. It was fun meeting old buddies from college and hostel. Also met a lot of new faces who had joined in later years. Interestingly there were some alumni from the batches of 80s who shared their experience with us what was it like to be in an engineering college in 1980s. These senior people are now in top positions in companies like State Electricity Board and Satyam Computers. No doubt in those era UCE Burla was a top college in India which produced the brightest engineering students.

Suryalanka Trip 2013

Last weekend was spent at one of the beaches in the east coast of India next to Bay of Bengal called Suryalanka. We decided to drive this time. We took the newly constructed Outer Ring Road of Hyderabad and then National Highway 9 to Vijaywada to make sure drive is pleasant.

View Suryalanka Driving Trip in a larger map

There was one more alternate way via Nalgonda which is about 30 KM shorter but we decided to stick to the road which has dividers all the way till Guntur. We had to pay a sum of INR 300 as part of toll in each side of Journey  but I think it was worth it. took us around 9 hours to reach the destination (420KM) including an hour break and a 30 minutes traffic jam at Vijayawada while entering NH5. Otherwise the average speed was very good. While going from Vijayawada to Guntur we took the Tadepalli Trunk road short cut which did not have dividers but we stuck to NH5 while coming back. Also there is something wrong with Google Maps , which shows a longer path near Kodad inst…

First CloudFoundry Developer Group Meetup

Just realized that I neither like writing paragraphs nor reading , so why to take so much effort ? Here is a bullet-ed blog.

Meetup Link
Hands On Lab Tutorial
Deployed App
Key  People


Other links

AppFog PaaS solution
Quick start Ruby

#cfdg My 1st #Rails app is live at @cloudfoundryat Hyderabad

— Neil (@neilghosh) January 11, 2013

ISS Trails

Couple of weeks back I spotted the ISS but I was not well equipped to capture a trail against the "Fixed" stars. On 3rd Jan me and  Joy wanted to capture it from roof. It was evening time but ISS was relatively fainter and lower in the horizon. Also the sky was almost covered by  cloud. Following tables ( taken from have all the details

03 January 2013

400 x 422 km, 51.6° (Epoch: 07 January)

Distance (km)
Sun altitude


311° (NW)

Reaches altitude 10°
302° (WNW)

Maximum altitude
234° (SW)

Drops below altitude 10°
165° (SSE)


157° (SSE)

Sky Chart (Courtesy

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="618"] ISS Sky Chart[/caption]

I tried to click the trail with 20 and 25 second exposure but sky was too bright to distinguish the trail.

Another one is here. The tra…

Talk on Rich Client Technology at Inauguration of IEEE Student branch.

Last Saturday me and IEEE Hyderabad section's secretary Dr. Amit Kumar traveled to University College of Engineering (Kakatiya University) at Khammam for inauguration of IEEE student branch. I spoke about rich client technologies like JavaFx and HTML5 while Dr. Amit Kumar briefed about IEEE activities and membership benefits to the students . It was long 5 hours of drive from Hyderabad but worth visiting because the college is situated at a very distant area from the IT industry of Hyderabad and even a slightest exposure can inspire the students.

This college was not only have same name as my under grad college but also situated at a similar rural location. I like this kind of residential college because you have not much distraction of city life and bound to focus on studies :)

Play audio and receive phone calls from Windows 7 using Bluetooth

I have been lately trying to operate my phone remotely from my PC when I am at home or work because I don't feel I really need to use my mobile phone when I am already in front of a full fledged computer. Also sometime I keep my phone somewhere in house and miss many calls because of not hearing the ring or not able to reach in time before the ringing stops.

I found a way in Windows 7 to play audio and receive phone calls from Windows 7 using Bluetooth. I use rooted Samsung Galaxy ACE running on Android 2.3.

Pair your phone with PC
Go to Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsDevices and Printers in the PC

Double click and open the Bluetooth Control

Click connect button for using the computer speaker to during phone calls and play music from PC using mobile phone's audio player

You will notice a small media player control at the right bottom of the screen where you can play/pause/change songs which is being played in the phone.

Note that I have not found a way to choose to pick up calls…