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This is a random post

This post - is more of a compulsion. It has been a while I did not update my blog even after promising myself to do so. Recently one of my friend Amit reminded me that I have a blog and he would like to have it updated by me frequently. He himself runs a blog posted some cool posts like Google Tricks and Lucid Chart Google Drive.   I really don't have anything specific to share at this point but I decided to go ahead and post. Hence its a kind of compulsion for me. I have been active in the social networking sites and micro-blogging sites lately and posting all interesting stuff that I come across there. I will probably put some of them here. Therefore this post is not only going to be random but also there would be some randomness among the sentences as well. I learned from my friend and writer Kunal - when you can't organize your text, just do bullets. And I am going to do so now.

I discovered Shazam app not only recognizes any song that is playing …

Finally DSLR meets Telescope

After prolonged resistance for buying a DSLR, I finally got a Canon EOS 600D it. The main reason was not probably photography. I have done enough photography using my point and shoot camera Sony CyberShot HX9V. It not only had a decent zoom of 16x but also very portable enough to carry in a jeans pocket. The reason why avoided was that it itself is a luggage when you travel. Secondly I was afraid of tuning into yet another IT employee claiming/wannabe professional photographer for whom a Photoshopped stray dog picture from DSLR becomes "Wile Life Photography".

Anyway I had to buy an DSLR someday to connect my telescopes to it and get some long exposure. I have done afocal photography earlier by keeping the point and shoot camera in front of the eyepiece but one can not get a long exposure in the method unless you use another tripod and OK with trails.

The preparation began when I went to USA last time where I got a telescope motor which can keep my alt-azimuth mount moving …

Hyderabadi IT Company Accent ?

My sound got featured again in BBC World Service - World Update.

My name sent to mars

When I saw last 240,543 forms had been submitted for boarding passes. Get yours here. Last Day to Register: Oct. 31, 2014

Load Testing Using Gatling

Gatling is an open source load testing framework based on Scala programming language. One of the advantage of Gatling over other load testing framework that I have used is that the code is very elegant and readable, thanks to its own DSL. One may not have prior knowledge of Scala to get started with Gatling. There are some documentation in the Gatling website which will help you write simple HTTP calls to your webservices but it gets bit difficult to incorporate the exact scenario of your test case because there are not much variety of example code which you can quickly edit and use. In this article I will try to show most of the structural construct that are frequently used while making a series of dependent web-service calls, typically used by a mobile game client while interacting with the game server.

Setup instructions are well described in the getting started tutorial. Following scala code will make a POST request to a mock REST endpoint that I have created using

Its all over ! - FIFA 2014

The FIFA world cup was pretty much over when German Mario Goetze received the ball on his chest and kicked it inside the Argentine goal post. The world cup season of 1998, 2002 , 2006 and 2010 have been special (be it good or bad) for me , not sure what was special personally this time but I followed almost every match this time.

In India Sony SIX broadcasted this event but it started with a very disappointing manner given the fact that John Abraham was in the analyst panel in first few matches. He had done some great movies but no way qualified to be there. Actors should be called to these event only if they paid a lot to do their film promotion :).

Apart from cable TV the XBMC plugin Sports Devil played a very important role in live streaming the matches. Both ESPN and BBC 5 Live were airing the audio commentary which was a live saver when were driving during matches.

Media features

To kill the daily commute time in city traffic I listen to couple of podcasts. While Indicast is release once a month on an average, BBC World Update : Daily commute is published everyday with news summery everyday.

Last week I sent an audio captured in my village to BBC and featured it in their "World Update" program which is hosted by Dan Damon. You can listen to the episode, you can seek to 40 mins.
Here is the actual clip published by them.

Previously I sent a picture to the Indicast which got featured in the Episode 197 Check out the last 4:05 minutes.

Finally NewsLaundry featured a clip from Aaj Tak channel I sent. Check out this episode at 23:02.

Earlier Clothesline featured one more clip pointed by me and Madhu Trehan was generous enough to give me credit also :)

Bidar Trip 2014

With not many option to go for a day long drive around Hyderabad I have been planning visit Bidar for a while now. Its situated in the state of Karnataka about 115 KM from Hyderabad. I was told the road to Bidar (Major part is National Highway 9 ) is in pretty bad condition but I realized it was an overstatement. It was not to bad. Pretty much like national highways of 1990s which used to be 2 lanes without any divider and  with large amount of stretches which are not smooth (the vehicle and the tires make noise ). In fact the state highway 14 (from Zaheerabad to Bidar ) was new.

Entrance of the Fort. Remember to blow horn as per the instruction written in the board (Compulsory Horn) otherwise vehicles coming from other side may block your way.[/caption]

Bidar Fort with beautiful garden[/caption]


Had "Langar" for lunch inside the Gurdwara, it was really good to see so many dedicated people working without any expectation to feed so many people. However as…

Tadoba Trip 2014

We drove about 400 KM north of Hyderabad to reach Tadoba Andheri Tiger reserve which is famous of tiger sighting and other animals and birds. Lucky did see a tiger in one of the safaris on Gypsy.

My friend Joydeep Mitra captured some good snap of it.

Following was pretty much where where we went. The road condition is very good as of now.

English - 2020 V2 (Now for Hindi, Bengali or Telugu speakers)

During 2012 Christmas holiday English 2020, an easy to use English speaking software course was launched. The author of this product is my uncle Dr. Ranbir Sinha who is an educator, inventor and scientist. He received his Ph.D. from University of Minnesota in 1994. While he has contributed to the most successful space rocket projects  till date, he has also spend his last few years researching about how English is spoken all over the world and what is the best way to speak that is correct. He wanted to come of with a "standard" version of speaking English,  so that everyone can understand every other English speakers by correcting some obvious mistakes in the sounds. He has also involved various language experts from many English speaking countries in this project to make it perfect from all perspectives. Tough I contributed to this project voluntarily, I personally find this product incredibly useful for the following reasons.

English speakers around the world, do not unders…

Stephen Chin's JUG Visit

Stephen Chin visited Java User Group Hyderabad and gave a presentation about Java 8 Lambdas and Devices as part of his final phase of NightHacking tour. Its him who founded Java Users Group Hyderabad few years ago and recently @rajonjava has taken the leadership who also founded India's most active JUG Chennai .

It was great fun listening to him and this could be organized in my old office at Oracle Campus with help of my friend and ex-colleague Bhaskar . 

Here is the full video of the presentation.

Travelogue : Hyderabad - Bangalore - Mysore - Bangalore - Hyderabad Roadtrip

Finally I took out some time to go for a road trip and break my personal record of driving alone.

Following was created using Google Map Engine. However it did not allow me to create more than 3 layers without paying a monthly free.

While traveling its useful to note down the coordinates of the place of interest because later it may not be easy to find in the maps for reference. I used an app called GPS essentials which has a "Waypoint" marker that allows the current coordinates to be labeled and saved.  These coordinates were in GPS format i.e. 17° 28.345' instead of 17°28'20'' or 17.493°. The later two format is easily recognized by Google maps. I used an online latitude/longitude converter to find the Google Maps friendly coordinates and marked the spots. For future I have created the below Wolframalpha widget to make this conversion one-click.

Thanks to @Aditya_Rao for guiding me in the Mysore city and suggesting the must see spots.

Total distance drove in th…

FM Transmitter using RaspberryPi

I was looking for a FM radio transmitter and came across this article which explains the use of a raspberryPi to make a quite powerful radio transmitter. There are some commercially available short range FM transmitter for cars which has FM tuner. Also there are few long range one available which claims to have almost small city wide range ( of course it is not legally allowed to transmit strong FM signal without a license  )

Last weekend I tried to follow the above article and succeed ! Also I used a micro USB cable as antenna connected to the 7th pin in the RaspberryPi. The signal was surprisingly strong, I could receive it in my neighbor's house also. I am sure I can make a better antenna.

TODO : I need to find a way to transmit streamed audio next.