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Load Testing Using Gatling

Gatling is an open source load testing framework based on Scala programming language. One of the advantage of Gatling over other load testing framework that I have used is that the code is very elegant and readable, thanks to its own DSL. One may not have prior knowledge of Scala to get started with Gatling. There are some documentation in the Gatling website which will help you write simple HTTP calls to your webservices but it gets bit difficult to incorporate the exact scenario of your test case because there are not much variety of example code which you can quickly edit and use. In this article I will try to show most of the structural construct that are frequently used while making a series of dependent web-service calls, typically used by a mobile game client while interacting with the game server.

Setup instructions are well described in the getting started tutorial. Following scala code will make a POST request to a mock REST endpoint that I have created using