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Finally DSLR meets Telescope

After prolonged resistance for buying a DSLR, I finally got a Canon EOS 600D it. The main reason was not probably photography. I have done enough photography using my point and shoot camera Sony CyberShot HX9V. It not only had a decent zoom of 16x but also very portable enough to carry in a jeans pocket. The reason why avoided was that it itself is a luggage when you travel. Secondly I was afraid of tuning into yet another IT employee claiming/wannabe professional photographer for whom a Photoshopped stray dog picture from DSLR becomes "Wile Life Photography".

Anyway I had to buy an DSLR someday to connect my telescopes to it and get some long exposure. I have done afocal photography earlier by keeping the point and shoot camera in front of the eyepiece but one can not get a long exposure in the method unless you use another tripod and OK with trails.

The preparation began when I went to USA last time where I got a telescope motor which can keep my alt-azimuth mount moving …