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Getting Started With PHP & AWS DynamoDB

MySQL has been the most favorite among PHP programmers. In fact this very blog was hosted in LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) a little while go using wordpress. MySQL is still my first choice when it comes to traditional RDBMS (Oracle is kind of too much if its not an enterprise software ). When it comes to NoSQL we often go to Google Appengine/Datastore combination but its a different ball game together as its a platform as a service and datastore can't really be used even from compute engine infrastructure. With recent PHP support of GAE , you can use HTTP interface of Google datastore to create your application , otherwise Google cloud SQL is the solution for deploying wordpress like solution. Published on

Even with Google Cloud's rapidly growing set of cloud service offerings, it has a long way to catch up with AWS's portfolio , especially scale and maturity wise. When it comes to fully manages NoSQL like database on cloud DynamoDB is probably leading the marke…