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Really Amazon ?

I have been a user since 2010 and user since 2013 (actually since the day it was launched). No doubt they do try to be the most customer centric company (at least in USA) as they call themselves. Even in India (specially in Hyderabad) I see Amazon winning the race among all other e-commerce portals. I have had terrible experiences with Flipkart where they had refused to take back defective items and delivered items extremely late several times. On the the other hand , with Amazon it has been a smoother experience. Even in India they appeared to have inherited the culture from USA helping out customers in genuine cases. Once they had immediately re-shipped a brand new sterilizer when the original one did not seem to work so that I don't have to wait for the return and repair process complete. My answer in quora. I have always been an advocate and honest about amazon because of such incidents. In this case as soon as the old item started working I immediately s…