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A Month With Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo was released in India last month and I bought one right away. I was actually waiting
for any of the voice assistants to be released, I would have personally wanted the Google Home to be released as I have been trying to build some Google assistant apps lately. Also Google kind of has all my personal data and it could just crunch and give me the right information in right time like Google now does in phones. I had recently successfully run Google Assitant and Amazon Alexa on a Raspberry Pi3 but the features there were very limited. The Echo Dot was very cheap and I had a spare Bose sound doc with Bluetooth receiver which I could connect to Echo Dot. Following is my impression after using it for a month
Voice recognition is amazing (both the word "Alexa" and the question followed). Even from the other corner of the room, I ask something not very clearly (e.g. in grumpy voice) it recognizes it. It even worked with my friends who have different accent than me. Great …

GDG Devfest Hyderabad 2017 - Building Google Assitant App

Growing up we read stories where we talk to robots and get our things done. There has been decent amount of advancement in robotics to help us in the manufacturing industry and space exploration.However, it is still not a thing that someone can own one easily and dictate with commands.  Voice-based interaction and computing is a new and exciting area. With so much of investment in Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana etc, it's definitely going to be a serious business in near future. Right now most of us are just having fun with knowledge based questions and puzzle/riddles. These platforms also allow us to create our own app and make it accessible to the whole world to interact with just user's voice.

Lately, I have been trying out building such apps with Google Voice Actions and got a chance to demo the same at GDG Devfest Hyderabad this year. Here is the slide, however it was mostly a live demo.

I tried to create a Google …

The curious case of W & V in Indian English

You have to agree we Indians are one of the best non-native speakers of English language. In my opinion, the measure is based on the probability that the other party can understand irrespective of where he is from and if he is a native speaker. For example, Indian accent is such that it stresses most of the syllables which make them easier to understand of course it is sometimes very very different than how natives speakers (British/American) would say. In this era, English is definitely not just the way the English (people of from England ? ) speak. I think the way Indians speak is far more understandable than they way they speak in most Europian countries minus Britain, after Brexit I can just say most countries in the europian union. Probably that is the reason why we have very good relationship with USA from IT/Software industry perspective.

Having said that, within India itself there are so many ways people speak English depending on their first language. I am sure this is the c…

New Year Resolution

I never understood what's the deal with New Year. It's just the first day of the gregorian calendar. Why not other calendars like Lunar (not sure what is the first day ) and regional calendar (starts somewhere in April for the Bangla and Odia calendars) ? Call me an asocial person, in my opinion, financial calendar (April 1st to March 31st) matters the most as a lot of day to day work and planning depends on that. Well, the very fact I am referring date of gregorian calendar dates and month to define other calendars tell that it is something everyone is most familiar with even in the eastern word. However 31st Dec and Jan 1 is still I think not very important as a day except some coupons and offers expire. Anyway, if someone wants to party and takes resolution (and sticks to it) with New Year being the reason, I have absolutely no problem. It also so happens people who are not in touch with their friends and distant family for a while, finds a reason to do it.

Well, this is t…