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The curious case of W & V in Indian English

You have to agree we Indians are one of the best non-native speakers of English language. In my opinion, the measure is based on the probability that the other party can understand irrespective of where he is from and if he is a native speaker. For example, Indian accent is such that it stresses most of the syllables which make them easier to understand of course it is sometimes very very different than how natives speakers (British/American) would say. In this era, English is definitely not just the way the English (people of from England ? ) speak. I think the way Indians speak is far more understandable than they way they speak in most Europian countries minus Britain, after Brexit I can just say most countries in the europian union. Probably that is the reason why we have very good relationship with USA from IT/Software industry perspective.

Having said that, within India itself there are so many ways people speak English depending on their first language. I am sure this is the c…