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GDG Devfest Hyderabad 2017 - Building Google Assitant App

Growing up we read stories where we talk to robots and get our things done. There has been decent amount of advancement in robotics to help us in the manufacturing industry and space exploration.However, it is still not a thing that someone can own one easily and dictate with commands.  Voice-based interaction and computing is a new and exciting area. With so much of investment in Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana etc, it's definitely going to be a serious business in near future. Right now most of us are just having fun with knowledge based questions and puzzle/riddles. These platforms also allow us to create our own app and make it accessible to the whole world to interact with just user's voice.

Lately, I have been trying out building such apps with Google Voice Actions and got a chance to demo the same at GDG Devfest Hyderabad this year. Here is the slide, however it was mostly a live demo.

I tried to create a Google …