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Harvesting Your Old Smartphone Senors

If you check the list of senors that even a basic smartphone has in the manual you will be surprised to see a long list. Ambient light senor, Gyroscope, Magnatometer, GPS, Sound noise level, Gravity etc are very common even in the cheapest smartphones. If you have a old smartphone, which you may not be using for some other issues, can stil have all the sensors working properly. You can stream the senor data to another computer or cloud, which you can process and possibly perform some actions.

I used an app called Sensor Node where you can mention the IOT server address and Topic name where the phone's sensor data should be streamed to.

Finally the following web utility (thanks to ) can be used to visualise the data in real time.

Shooting the Super Blue Blood Moon

There was a very rare astronomical event on this 31st Jan. It moon was at the closest position relative to earth on this full moon day. Hence Super Moon. It was also the second full moon of the month, so it was also a Blue Moon. Remember the saying "Once in a blue moon"? It means "rare" event. Obviously having two full moons in a month is rare. Usually, they occur on the very first and last day of the month as there is always a gap of a month between them. So it was 1st and 31st Jan. Now the Blood Moon meant the moon was going to turn Blood Red for some time. It happened during total lunar eclipse when Moon does not get any direct sunlight (due to earth's shadow falling on it) but it gets the light refracted from earth's atmosphere (mostly from the limbs) which turns moon red.

In the past, I had seen a lot of eclipse montages where people stitch various stage of eclipsed Sun or Moon into a single photo. I tried the same this time as well. Used an 18-55 Can…