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Ikea Hyderabad

Ikea opened their operations in Hyderabad last month and there has been a craze in the city people about it since then.  A lot of videos were circulated showing uncontrollable crowed pushing each other at the entrance of the store when it first opened. I am sure there were a lot of people just wanted to go once just to see what is it all about and later go only when you want to buy something.

It has been a month and my friends told me the crowd has been reduced lot. So I decided to go. Their home page showed there was no waiting time at the entrance. There is a lot of parking in the store itself which is not really advertised and on a Sunday morning, it was really empty.

Ikea in Hyderabad is also quite famous for its affordable food in the restaurant so we gave it a shot. I was really surprised to see it was truly self-service i.e. you pick up food items and bill only at the end just before finding a table. I have not seen this in India.

Then we visited the furniture section which is…