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GDG Devfest 2018 Hyderabad

It was the 7th year in a row Google Developers Group hosted their flagship event devfest in Hyderabad. This time it was big because it was not only a 2-day event with dedicated days for sessions and codelab/workshops, but also it accommodated more than 600 developers including professionals and students.

Lately, I have been working on Google Cloud Functions at work as it went GA during the GCP Next'18 earlier this year. I decided to submit a proposal around the same for this event. Slides and Code Lab instructions. 

While the proposal was accepted by the committee, it was moved to code lab instead of a session as it was more of a hands-on session and not much advanced for someone not who have not done cloud functions earlier.  While I was preparing the steps which I will ask participants to follow during the workshop, I realized there was a big problem in terms of GCP projects. Cloud Functions requires a GCP project which is billing enabled although it is free up to a few million…

PyCon India 2018 Day 2

This post is a continuation of the post I wrote after the end of the first day. The 2nd day started with the keynote from Travis Oliphant who is well known for Python projects like NumPy, SciPy, Anaconda and many more popular libraries. It was one of the best keynotes I have heard in recent times. It not only had technical aspects of Python language development but also a lot if important challenges developers face as a human being. Starting from work-life balance to disagreements on mailing lists over decisions on python language. He gave a lot of insights and hope that anyone literally any one can contribute to the open source projects from his personal examples. The thing which stood out in his keynote was that unlike many other speakers he gave examples from real life events on every abstract point that he mentioned. His keynote motivated me a lot especially to write more, read more and communicate more as a developer.

The session by Anand S on cleaning up data was on.e of the bes…

PyCon India 2018 Day 1

It has been a while I have gone to a tech conference. I had been to JavaOne, Google Devfest (even when I am not speaking)  and also reported on some of them. The report posts were mostly notes on the things I had learned, for me being able to refer at a later point of time.

Last year PyCon India was in New Delhi, some of my colleagues who worked on Data Science and Python Microservices had been there. I got mixed feedback from them. Some said sessions and workshops were very basic i.e. beginners level and some said topics were too specific and deep to be able to grasp at runtime during a conference.

This year it was the 10th year of the conference and held at my own city Hyderabad. It has been quite sometime I have been working on Python-based projects and running them in production also, so there was no excuse to miss that.

I did not really get a chance to attend the workshops but got a chance to represent Google Developer Community on the conference day.

Day 1

The day started with a…