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Free Tier Serverless Cloud Platforms

Last week I was trying to write an Amazon Alexa Skills (Earlier I had created Google Assitant App using dialogue flow ) and found creating Alexa app was not as intuitive as dialogue flow as a beginner. Probably it's just the UI/UX. There are much more incentives of creating Google assistant apps as it can be accessed via android phones right from your lock screen as opposed to Alexa skills which you need to use the echo devices or Alexa app on phone and keep it running in the background.

Nevertheless I needed a service endpoint which would feed data to my Alexa app and the recommended way was to have an AWS lambda function, however, you could also put any public endpoint URL of your own. I recently did a lot of work on Google Cloud Function so I opted for it. Tough the network latency may be marginally more because now Amazon data centre needs to talk to Google data centre. But the difference was smaller when compared to my home internet connection's latency to cloud.