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Analysing Google Cloud Platform Billing Data

No matter if you are a large enterprise or small startup, or even individual developers, you probably need to to know what you are paying for when it comes to cloud bill. in GCP you can export your billing data to Google BigQuery and then run queries on it to know where you are spending more which can help you control the cost you are incurring to run the infrastructure and app.

Daily spend
SELECT India_date, ROUND(SUM(cost)) cost FROM ( SELECT DATE(DATETIME(usage_end_time,"Asia/Kolkata")) India_date, cost FROM `YOUR_BILLING_EXPORT_TABLE` WHERE = 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID' AND _PARTITIONTIME >= TIMESTAMP("2019-01-16") AND _PARTITIONTIME <= TIMESTAMP("2019-01-20") ) GROUP BY India_date Order by India_date Result
GCP Cost per day, taking timezone into account.

 Cost By Services
    FROM (

Poco Phone F1 - Moving from Motorola to Mi

I have been using Motorola Android phones for a while now. Moto G, Moto X Play, Moto G 4 Plus, Moto G5 S Plus, Moto E and So on. They are not only considered to be the robust phone but also they run stock Android OS. It was part of Google and Nexus series for a while. However recently I gave up on them because of their camera. Even today they don't have a good phone with camera comparable with other phones in the same price range.

I bought the Poco Phone F1 recently and it has a really good camera comparable to the flagship phones like One Plus, Samsung Galaxy S* etc. Initially I was skeptical about the Xiomi phones because they were new, cheap and it is a Chinese company but I changed my opinion after hearing from friends who have been using the same Xiomi Mi phones since more than 2 years and have excellent photos from its camera for half of the price you pay for flagship phones. Poco was there best phone so far from the specification wise (probably except Mi Mix).

Here are the…

Yi 4K Action Camera

This is probably one of the first reviews I have ever written. You would find a lot of content about gadgets in youtube (with so many tech channels these days) but the only problem I have with that is I can not skim-through the video content just to see if there anything relevant that I need to know. I need to see/hear the full specifications and comparison what the video has to say. With this post (and possibly a series of posts with other gadgets that I own ) I am trying to have some notes that are usually not in the Amazon listing or manual or any overall review videos.

Yi 4K Action Camera one of the affordable action camera. Following are the observation.
The build quality is really good and quite compact.The time lapse works great, here is a sample. This is the most detailed version i.e. one frame per 0.5 seconds. For slow moving scenes like the cloud or sea, one can use even slower settings like one frame per 10 seconds and beyond.I also tested for the other extreme - slow motion…