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We have a world chamipon !

Finally, we have a world champion and its England! It was the closest game (let alone in a world cup final) one could practically have. England built the team indeed played remarkably well since their elimination in the last world cup at the group stages. It definitely reminds me of India who lost in 2007 at the league stage and then ended up becoming the champions in 2011 at home. Both had started building a team for the long term which paid off.

There was a lot of talk about the final match being decided on the basis of number of boundaries hit and the overthrows off Ben stokes bat but the fact is that everything was under the rule and no one did anything intentionally to take advantage of it against the spirit of the game (unlike Ashwin waiting for runner to leave the crease marketing ) the rule were not new and both  teams were well aware. Like any other super over New Zealand did know their target is 16 and 15 belongs to England. It's not like after the Super over was tied I…

World cup 2019 so far.

Now that Bangladesh has scored 7 runs, we have our confirmed semi finalises in the cricket world cup 2019. There was a lot of calculations and jokes how Pakistan could make it to the semifinal on the basis of net run rate by beating Pakistan with 300+ runs. After all, there were so many similarities with the 1992 world cup,, how could Pakistan be eliminated in the league stage itself. Pakistan almost got eliminated in 1992 tough. Anyway as an Indian the 2nd best incentive after winning the world cup itself is beating Pakistan. Which we have been doing invariably right in every world cup encounter so far.

Personally, the history of the cricket world cup fascinates me more than anything else in the cricket. I did try to submit an article on it (Indias world cup campaign from 1975 to 1992) during 1996 world cup in my school magazine but it was rejected because it was not patriotic poetry or fictitious story. Anyway, now that we have internet and blogging social media platform we can wri…