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Deploying apps in Google Cloud Platform using GitHub Actions.

After GitHub announced action last year, they recently announced that it would support CI/CD free for the public repository as well. This is exciting because earlier most of the public repos were leveraging 3rd party Travis CI.  Travis CI is really simple for straight forward use cases, sometimes just one line. And also free for open source projects (Public repos on GitHub)

I had signed up for GitHub action beta program earlier and recently got the invite. After signing up you can see the new "Actions" tab in the top of all of your repositories

Earlier I blogged about how to deploy to google cloud from GitHub repository using Google Cloud Build. Here I wanted to use GitHub Actions instead to directly deploying a cloud function.

To get started one needs to have a .github/workflows directory at the root of the repo.Under the above directory, one can have multiple .yaml files to configure multiple workflows which can be run independently.The important sections of the action YAM…