Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Ashes 2015 season ends.

The Ashes season of this year ended. Glad that England re-gained it. Not because I am a Aussie hater (like most Indians because of Australian aggressiveness and domination in the past ) but because they have been playing really good lately. Youngsters like Joe Root is now # 1 batsman in ICC rankings.

Since last couple of months or so I have been enjoying the cricket broadcast on the Radio (BBC 5 live extra with Tunnel Bear VPN app for UK ) and TV (also star sports online streaming ). This is usually the most interesting series for me because of classic English commentary and playing conditions. Of course I am more alert when India tours England and Australia but there is something about these two countries' rivalry.

I will miss the commentary of Nasser Hussain and Michael Atherton. (Coincidentally they were born only 3 days apart ) I think they are the most accent free and speak slow. While Cris Rogers and Pup decided to retire after this series legendary wicket keeper run machine Kumar Sangakkara is also playing his last series in Sri Lanka against India.

Happy for Alister Cook, what a summer it has been after being left out in world cup early this year. All matches had results this year and tough all the matches were won with a big margin it has been a great contest with 3-2 result.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird with Office 365 Email

There is no outlook for linux users. Setting up email, calendar, contacts etc in linux with office 365 (or exchange) account could be painful.However there is a little known fact that office 365 also have SMTP feature for configuring non exchange compliant client like Mozilla Thunderbird.

Since office 365 is a cloud hosting by Microsoft which is multi-tenant, setup configuration is pretty much same unless the company decides to override anything.

For email

  • IMAP
  • Server hostname:
  • Port: 993
  • Authentication: Normal password
  • Server hostname:
  • Port: 587
  • Authentication: Normal password
User Name: your company email

For calendar you have to install the following addon.

Installing the Add-on:

  1. Install the latest version of the Lightning add-on.
  2. Download the latest version of the Exchange Calendar and Tasks Add-on.
  3. In Thunderbird, click on Tools | Add-ons
  4. Click on the Gear icon (next to "Search all add-ons") and select Install Add-on From File...
  5. Browse to the downloaded add-on in the previous step
  6. Click Install to verify that you understand that you are trusting the add-on from a non-verified author
  7. Click Restart now to restart Thunderbird and finish installation of the add-on
Configuring to Access O365:
  1. Launch Thunderbird
  2. Click on File | New | Calendar
  3. Select On the Network and click Continue
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 and click Continue
  5. Choose any name and color for the calendar. Remove the check mar from Show Reminders check box if you do not wish to receive pop-up reminders to meetings
  6. Select the email address that is associated with your calendar, then click Continue
  7. Enter the following information for settings:
    • Server URL:
    • Primary email address:company username
    • Username: company username
    • Domain name: [Leave this blank]
    • Share Folder Id: [Leave this blank]
  8. Click on Check server and mailbox.
  9. You will be prompted for your password. Enter the password for the account you are configuring and click OK.
  10. Make sure Calendar folder is selected for Folder base
  11. Click Continue.
  12. Click Done.



Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Horizons reaches Pluto

Finally we know how Pluto looks like. Looks at this for a minute before you read further

This image of Pluto was taken on Tuesday and was downlinked just before the flyby

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft just completed 9 years journey from earth and flew past Pluto today. Pluto was discovered in 1930 but it was only visible through telescope (~magnitude 11) that to just a single point of light. It was 9th planet of solar system when this spacecraft left earth in 2006.

Even the best image of Pluto that we had  till last few month was by Hubble Space telescope. Which barely told us about the texture.

Pluto - HST - 270° Longitude

Its also worth notable that this is the fastest moving man made object ever till date, which is why it could made it to Pluto under a decade. It was also launched using the fastest rocket NASA had that time. An Atlas-V rocket was used.

My family have a little contribution towards this mission as well.  My uncle Dr. Ranbir Sinha worked primarily on the design, analysis, computer simulation of separation, and test predictions of the payload fairing. Its definitely a proud moment for all the contributors including him. This rocket is part of guinness book of word records.

New Horizons was launched with such a speed that it crossed moon in hours where the Apollo spacecraft took days. Within 6 months it could reach Jupiter where it got a massive gravity assist which propelled it in an incredible speed towards Pluto. This is the reason why it can not be kept near Pluto's orbit for long and flies past it very fast giving only few hours for capturing images and doing other analysis.

As I am writing New horizons must be taking incredible image of Pluto's surface and other data which it is supposed to sent back when it flies past it and ready to transmit back to Earth. It takes almost 4 hours to transmit data back to earth.

NASA's Eyes on Pluto is a great way to see live simulation of the spacecraft.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reliance mobile Stuff

There is a lot of useful reliance mobile codes that are obviously useful but not documented for AP circle of India pre-paid GSM

    • Check talk time balance - *367#
    • Check 2G/3G balance - SMS "MBAL" to 55333(Tollfree) or dial(only for GSM) *111*1*3#
    • Recharge 3G pack -
      • Rs.225,get 1GB 3G data,local & STD calls@1p/sec, Free FB, TW &WA for 30 days. To activate dial *777*225# OR SMS,ACT 3G225 to 53739.
      • Rs.144,get 500MB 3G data,All local & STD calls @1p/sec, valid for 30 days. To activate, dial *777*144# OR SMS ACT 3G144 to 53739.R
      • Rs.95, get 350MB 3G data, All local & STD calls @1p/sec, valid for 15 days. To activate, dial *777*95# OR SMS ACT 3G95 to 53739.

      Saturday, March 28, 2015

      Installing Cyanogenmod 12 (Nightly) in Nexus 4

      Today I decided to void my Nexus 4's warranty ! Probably it was out of warranty anyway. I had used Cyanogenmod earlier phones of mine and its simply awesome. For a long time I waited for a stable release of Cyanogenmod with Android Lollipop but none of the Cyanogenmod 12 build is stable till now (as I type) for Nexus 4 (Mako). I lost my patience today and went for the recent nightly build.

      Following were the steps
      1. Download Cyanogenmod ROM zip file
      2. Download the clockwork recovery.
      3. Download the sdk tools for android.
      4. Download gaaps
      5. Make sure the sdk tools is in your PATH so that its accessible from command line.
      6. Start your phone in recovery mode
        1. Turn off the phone
        2. Hold the power and volume down button till some text appears on the screen
        3. Install clockwork recovery
          $ fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
        4. Select recovery option
      7. Factory reset and wipe cache from the menu.
      8. Choose "install from zip" option 
      9. Copy ROM file to the phone's SD card (or emulated directory)
        adb push  /data/media/
        If you get "read only file system" error try using the following commands before copying
        sudo adb devices (to make sure device is connected)

        sudo adb root (to make sure device is running on root access )
      10. Install the ROM zip file. In case this does not work, you can side load it.
        adb sideload
      11. Install gapps to get the Google Play Store and all you favorite apps there after.
        adb sideload
      12. Reboot from recovery mode to boot into your fresh new Cyanogenmod.

      As usual its my duty to warn you that you must know what you are doing before rooting your phone and installing custom ROM. I or the ROM company will not be responsible for whatever sh** you do with your phone.

      So far the following stuff works for me which I was mostly worried about custom ROM
      • Bluetooth (Playing music)
      • Audio 
      • GPS
      Also the screenshot at the top is of lock screen while playing music. Notice the visualizer at the bottom. This is cool.