XSD editor in netbeans IDE 6.8

Recently I downloaded netbeans IDE from http://netbeans.org/ everything seemed to be working fine until I tried to validate my .xsd file in it.
It showed me an error “Cannot find the declaration of element 'xsd:schema'.”  even though my xsd file was valid and began with xsd tag


<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd=http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema
                     <!—ommitted –> 


Finally I fixed this by downloading the XSD editor plugin from as follows

1) Open "Plugins" dialog from “Tools” menu
2) Go to "Settings" tab
3) Add an update center:
- Name: NetBeans Dev
- URL:
4) Wait for catalog to be downloaded
5) Back to "Available plugins" tab
6) Intall plugin called "XML Schema and WSDL"

Finally I could edit XSD files and validate with Source , Schema and Design view.


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  2. I had the same problem. Even if they never implement the xsd editor again they should at least allow xsd to validate.

  3. Oh and just for the record this works for 6.9


  4. Well, can not install it for NB 7.0 It requres some "Plugin editor library" that is not in catalog

  5. Okei, Let me know if there is any workaround


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