World cup 2019 so far.

Now that Bangladesh has scored 7 runs, we have our confirmed semi finalises in the cricket world cup 2019. There was a lot of calculations and jokes how Pakistan could make it to the semifinal on the basis of net run rate by beating Pakistan with 300+ runs. After all, there were so many similarities with the 1992 world cup,, how could Pakistan be eliminated in the league stage itself. Pakistan almost got eliminated in 1992 tough. Anyway as an Indian the 2nd best incentive after winning the world cup itself is beating Pakistan. Which we have been doing invariably right in every world cup encounter so far.

Personally, the history of the cricket world cup fascinates me more than anything else in the cricket. I did try to submit an article on it (Indias world cup campaign from 1975 to 1992) during 1996 world cup in my school magazine but it was rejected because it was not patriotic poetry or fictitious story. Anyway, now that we have internet and blogging social media platform we can wri…

Google Cloud Next '19

Courtesy Google Developers I got the opportunity to attend Google Cloud Next '19 in San Francisco last week. With more than 30 thousand attendees, It was a great experience to attend a conference of such a scale. I have heard it's only very few conferences like the Salesforce's Dream Force and Microsoft's Ignite are bigger than this. The venue was famous Moscone centre which is home of the largest tech conferences including GDC and Oracle Open World. In the past, it has also hosted Apple's WWDC and JavaOne for a long time which is also followed by developers all over the world.

The scale of the conference was so huge that, the price of the hotels in the city were surged up. Apart from the main set of Moscone buildings, some of the sessions were hosted in the theatres in Metreon and palace hotel. They released the mobile app and schedule of sessions much before the conference and one had to reserve the seat for some of the sessions in hot topics in Google cloud. I …

Automatically Deploying to Google Appengine from Github using Cloud Build

When it comes to CI/CD pipeline, Jenkins is one of the popular tools that a lot of software companies use. With google cloud build one can build and deploy their app right from source repository like GitHub to AppEngine. It's a pay as you go service. However the first 120 build-minutes per day is free, so one can very easily try for their side projects where the deployment frequency is not more than a few times a day. However its always a good idea to limit your billing account and have alerts on usage in case it goes over the free tier due to some build stuck and running indefinitely. Here we will take an example of a go based appengine standard project.

First, to have Cloud Build be able to deploy to appengine we need to give the service account it's going to use the roles that are required.

Find the project id

NUM=$(gcloud projects describe $PROJECT \ --format="value(projectNumber)") && echo ${NUM}
Derive the service account name from the project id and as…

Google Cloud Study Jams 2019, Hyderabad Week 3

After successful week 1 and week 2, it was time for week 3 of the Cloud Study Jam Hyderabad 2019. It was a full day event where participants were supposed to do labs from the Qwiklabs quest Baseline: Data, ML, AI with a lot of labs starting from Big Data services from GCP like BigQuery, CloudSQL, Dataproc to NLP APIs and Dataprep to ML Engine. More time was dedicated to this session on purpose. To make a data-driven decision we (GDG Hyderabad) had recently posted a poll and asked the community about the topics they are interested in.

Which topic would you love to learn from @googlecloud study jams? #StudyJam19#CloudStudyJam19#GDG#GoogleCloud#GoogleCloudFacilitator#GoogleCloudStudyJam#Hyderabad — GDG Hyderabad (@gdg_hyd) February 13, 2019

And as expected there were more participants in this session than last time. After talking to few participants it seemed a lot of them are already doing machine learning but they were looking for running it cloud to take full advantage of its elastic…

Google Cloud Study Jams 2019, Hyderabad Week 2

After the massive opening week of Cloud Study Jam last week. We had a great week 2 with follow up sessions on Google Cloud SDK, Appengine, CloudSQL, CloudFunction, Cloud Datastore etc. I was the primary instructor in this session, so I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Like last time the attendance again beat out expectation. The retention rate was beyond our imagination. It shows not only that the 1st week was really successful but also people are genuinely interested to learn about the cloud.

Kudos! Wonderful to witness great retention at @googlecloud Study Jam #Hyderabad 2019 - [Week 2 - Deploy & Develop] session. — GDG Hyderabad (@gdg_hyd) March 9, 2019 From the quick survey, it turned out most of them already completed the week 1's quest - GCP essentials or at least completed the parts which are pre-requisite for this session or just to get started with Google Cloud Platfor…

Google Cloud Study Jams 2019, Hyderabad Week 1

Last Saturday we had the 1st session of Google Cloud Study Jams in Hyderabad.

Week 1 Meetup

ThoughtWorks,, Hyderabad hosted us and they will be hosting the subsequent sessions lined up on next few Saturdays as well.
#Cloud#StudyJams kickstarted in style! Kudos to all those developers for taking their time out off a busy weekend to learn #GCP#CloudML#BigQuery and lot of interesting stuff over next few weeks.
Special thanks to @ThoughtWorks#Hyderabad team for being an amazing host for us!! — Uday Mannam (@UdayMannam) March 2, 2019
Thank you, everyone, for attending our first ever @googlecloud study jam in #Hyderabad in collaboration with @gcdc_hyd & @qwiklabs 😀. Looking forward to seeing you all for the Week 2 - #Deploy & #Develop#CloudStudyJams Photos: — GDG Hyderabad (@gdg_hyd) March 2, 2019
This session was all about introducing Study Jams to the developers and get started with the GCP e…

Profiling Java application in Google Appengine Flex

There are a lot of ways java applications can be profiled for memory and CPU to find memory leaks or any culprit block of code where the app spends most of the time. In Google AppEngine Flex the application code (jar or war) runs inside a docker container which in turn runs inside a VM dedicated a service/module. While Google Cloud Profile can be used for analysing live applications it only supports CPU profiling when it comes to Java in AppEngine flex. Memory profiling is supported for Java only in AppEngine standard and python and go in AppEngine flex. So as of now, one has to profile the memory in JVM manually.
SSH to the AppEngine instance If you have Editor role you can ssh to the specific appengine flex instance using gcloud utility. You can connect to the instance by clicking on the SSH button against the instance in the instances page in the appengine GCP console.
 SSH to the instance
$ gcloud --project "demoneil" app instances ssh "aef-default-20190225t133842-…