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I have been always a fan of panorama images. There are a lot of photo stitching software which can join many overlapping images to create a single one. I have used Photosynth earlier with a lot of satisfaction. There a lot of phones and digital cameras which can do it right out of the camera in panoramic mode, in which you have to slowly move the capturing device and it will continuously take and stitch photos to create larger panorama.  While there ares some websites like CleVR and GigaPan can help sharing the horizontal panoramas and let embed in various sites, spherical panoramas like the ones taken from photosphere app in Android 4.2 cameras could not be embedded in a straight forward way without doing some HTML coding. Finally I found a site called for this purpose. Following is the embedded photo I took uploaded in this site.

(Click this link for a wider view. Because of low width of the blog, embedded one may not look good)

This time the players were moving, I will try to get a more stable image when I go outdoors next time :)
Here is a horizontal panorama embedded in photosynth. (Needs Microsoft Silverlight plugin )


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