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Many times my colleagues asked me how do I quickly open up a bug details in the browser  just by typing  a letter and the number and hit enter.It saves a lot of time as we skip one step always.The step might be either opening up the home page containing the form field or changing the search engine add on (accessible via Ctrl  +K ) .I added a Firefox bookmark keyword  today to open up WolframAlpha and give typed string as input automatically and compute on it. Here is the screenshot of the Bookmark from the Bookmark Library of the Mozilla Firefox.



Now after saving this bookmark when I type  (in the blank address bar ) “w <space> (23-5)/6” or any other expression computable in Wolfram|Alpha and Hit Enter, it opens up the results page having the input as (23-5)/6 automatically.


Alternatively following tools can be used for quick search and computation.


  1. An even faster way is this :-

    type any mathematically correct expression in the google search bar from your browser and type "=" in front of it, Google will compute it and show the result as a dropdown (that means, u remain on the same webpage i.e. no need to open a new tab) and you dont have to wait for the new page with the result to load as well :)

    Wolfram alpha is awesome but for simple one line computations, this is faster...

  2. this of course works on the google home page as well ...


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