Sony Cyber-Shot HX9V

I recently did some search in the internet before buying my digital camera. I was looking for a compact camera with high zoom and very good video recording. I was also looking for features like long exposure and my budget was around 15,ooo INR. Finally searching a lot in and checking prices in Indian online stores  like , and . I don't really trust any other site as of now. I narrowed down my search results to Nikon CoolPix S9100/S8200 , Sony Cyber-shot HX9V and Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20. Panasonic one was having touch screen and 60 sec shutter  exposure and 240 fps recording options advantages over the others. However from the reviews I concluded not to go for touch as one has to operate buttons also along with it and I was not sure about this brand in digital camera category. I went to the nearby store and checked Nikon  s9100 and Sony HX9V and found that optical image stabilization was way better in HX9V than S9100 and later was not having very good reviews in amazon and other Indian websites. So finally I decided to go for Sony Hx9V.

I bought it from They shipped it soon but aramex  courier service was not that great. Finally I got it after some delay. Following is the unboxing video. Pardon me for the quality as it is taken from Samsung Galaxy ACE.

So far I am happy with the camera , tough I have not much chance to use it. I really like the automatic mode ,  ease of use. Following are the pros I have found till now

  1. High zoom with Compact camera

  2. Digital zoom quality

  3. In-camera charging

  4. super image stabilization

  5. up to 30 sec long exposure

  6. GPS

  7. Easy panaroma

I am sure I will get to know more as I keep using it. Following are the cons

  1. Awkward position of the Flash

  2. video/picture is not flat (curved) at the edges when we take wide angle shots (without zoom)

  3. GPS takes time

With above feature , I guess I will not miss DSLR much and its easy to carry also. Absolute value for money. I am hopping it will work well without any defects. Will leave you with the Indian ad the camera featuring Deepika


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