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I had just shifted my blog to blogger last week and guess what, I am back to wordpress again.  Thanks to free PHP and MySQL host .
It was one week and I realized that I do not want to be restricted by Google's constrained  blogging platform where you can not your own server side scripts. There was a free php and mySQL hosting offer from but it was ad-supported. After doing research for various free hosting services I found best because it supports CGI, Python, Ruby on Rails and Cron also (tough I have not tested yet). Its control panel is also very user friendly and clean. File manager application us also very rich and you can edit file right inside the browser. The bigger advantages of this hosting service are that it not only supports file large size upload but also allows php functions like curl.  Absence of these two features put me trouble  last time because it neither could update the Wordpress files automatically nor able to install extensions and themes automatically from the admin panel. Also wordpress software itself could not be uploaded into the host.

Your browser does not support

I had had imported my previous wordpress export to blog of mine. Hence I could easily import it in my new installation.

Note: Right click on the above image and click on view image. (screen-shot of the file manager pasted inline in the wordpress post editor using HyperSnap 6) You will not see the url of the image hosted somewhere. You will actually see a lot of character which makes up the image itself. Its actually Data URL Scheme . This specification is available since 1998 but Internet Explorer has not supported it yet.


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