Bloomberg Game Changers: Larry Ellison

Few years back I watched him in The Triumph of Nerds and Larry's interview seemed to be very futuristic as it was shot on 1995 , soon after windows 95 was launched. This one of the amazing story and covers major facts will date. It all started with the relational database's research paper and took off like a flight. There were some bad moments in early 1990s. It was incredible to know that government sued the company but the private company ended up wining it. Oracle's product might not be known to common people like Google's but definitely most of our day to day life relies on Oracle products  at some point , be it a mobile phone company's business or Pharmacy's consignments.


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  1. I recently read a very interesting article about graph dbmses.
    Its like graph theory in dbmses. tried it yet?

  2. I am not sure about it, let me know if you have some article/paper on it.
    I know for hierarchical data presentation there are some patents in "connect by" area


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