Adopt-A-JSR at JUG Hyderabad

Lately there has been a lot of activity in JUG Hyderabad after introduction to #AdoptAJSR initiative. JUG Hyderabad has taken up JSR 338 (Java Persistence 2.1), JSR-107 (JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API), JSR-256 (Java API for websocket ) and there has been significant progress. I am a kind of programmer who jumps into code directly before going through pages of theory. So here are some links for quick reference

Meanwhile The Java user group in Hyderabad has gone social and following are the links

JUG Hyderabad is looking for passionate people who are passionate about JAVA and want to drive the community forward. Do let us know.


  1. [...] My last post was about #AdoptAJSR initiative in which JUG Hyderabad is actively involved. Meanwhile I was trying to explore the Websocket API for Java (JSR 356) using glassfish 4 ‘s latest build as reference implementation. [...]

  2. [...] special server code for handling such requests. I have already worked on JSR 356 for websocket and glassfish reference implementation (tyrus) earlier. However in Google Appengine provides channel APIs for bidirectional communication. While [...]

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    [...] Read More Infos here: [...]


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