The Story of Numbers (0 and 1) Indian Numerals or Arabic


I found the following videos and comments shared by the YouTube an user .Really These videos are made in such an interesting way that a non science/mathematics student can enjoy the video’s humor .Do watch them.


The Zero, decimal system, Indian numerals, astronomy, astrology, trigonometry, ayurveda, chemistry, everything even dream-analysis are some of the numerous contributions of scholars from India.
Unfortunately, the bias has always been against giving no credit whatsoever to the Indian mind. For instance, I was taught in school that the numerals we use are "Arabic Numerals". Why?


The story of numbers is the story of civilization. Terry Jones ("Monty Python's Flying Circus") goes on a humor-filled journey to recount the amazing tale behind Indian numerals.
Interesting Facts:
* Baudhayana gave the 'Pythagoras theorem' centuries before the Greeks in 800 BC.
* Pingala (400 BC) invented the binary number system which is the basic of computer operations.
* Indian astronomer, Aryabhatta was the first to have propounded the theory that the earth was a sphere in the 5th century.
* Indian astronomer, Brahmagupta, estimated in the 7th century that the circumference of the earth was 5000 yojanas. A yojana is around 7.2 kms. Calculating on this basis we see that the estimate of 36,000 kms as the earth's circumference comes quite close to the actual circumference known today.


  1. Excellent series. Do you know where can I get the complete one?

  2. Awesome! Would love to see more of this series.

  3. Thanks , I thought there are only two parts , I will search for the rest of the series and update the post :)

  4. Because they are really Arabic numerals, not Indian. So, your teachers knew better. Also, the zero is coming from Arabs.

  5. A great mathematician. Without the inventions the world would be different.

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