Lunar Eclipse 10 December 2011

This was last eclipse of the year. I had already missed the longest total lunar eclipse this year on 15th June because of bad weather. Unfortunately this time also it was cloudy when the eclipse started. However the sky became clear even before half of the moon was covered by earth's shadow. Also I was at a place which was bit far from the city light, hence managed to capture some nearby stars also.

Totality - Total Lunar Eclipse 10 Dec 2011 Phase 3
My friend and colleague Nikhil Tungare managed to take the full montage of the eclipse with Cyber Towers in the perspective.
Total Lunar Eclispe 10-Dec-2011 Complete Sequence
He has also taken an amazing picture of totality.

I am waiting for pictures taken by few other photographer friends of mine and will post soon. Here is the album of few of other phases during the eclipse.


  1. How do you record the videos ? Did you buy some specialized camera that can plug to the telescope ?

  2. I have not recorded videos yet as it requires USB webcams. However only bright objects like Moon, planets and bright stars can be captured using these webcams. For Deep sky faint objects CCDs are used , which are bit costly. You can also take pictures by connecting your DSLR body to the telescope's eyepiece holder using a T-ring and Adapter . But not sure if video will come in this method. For those who only had point and shoot camera can use the universal camera adapter to do afocal photography. Let me know if you need more information, I can give you some pointer.

  3. Since I do not have a DSLT yet , I am ordering a USB webcam and a Universal camera adapter from Ebay , above pictures of taken by me using only my Digital camera at 16x optical zoom. Its very difficult to hold the camera exactly at the right position in front of a telescope's eyepiece.

  4. Lunar eclipse video clip


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